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SPECIAL EVENT - Tour Down Under - Thursday 18 January 2024

The TOUR DOWN UNDER Mens Stage 3 will start this year on North East Road, Tea Tree Gully - within 100 metres of the Museum.
A large crowd (thousands?) is expected to join in the festivities of this international event.
The actual race start is at 11:10 am. It finishes at Gorge Road, Athelstone around 2:49 pm.

From  9:00 am the Museum gardens will be open.
The Museum will be decorated, including 16 bikes in many different themes - beach, florist shop, purple haze, autumn, etc.
An extra large bike will be laid on the lawn for helicopter or drones to transmit an image to the world!

We will be joined by
• The Penny Farthing Cycle Club of SA
• SA Vintage Bicycles 1880-1980
• SACWA Tea Tree Gully Branch

Many local organisations will be running stalls including coffee, snacks, etc.

The Museum will provide refreshments:
• Sweet Treats biscuit stall
• From our ice cream bike - cold drinks and zooper-dooper ice blocks
• From our watermelon bike, complete with watermelon helmet - slices of watermelon

From 11:30 am - 1:30 pm the Museum buildings will be open for the public to get a glimpse of local lifestyles of the 1850s to 1950s - gold coin donation.

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