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In 2012, the Museum (then named the Old Highercombe Hotel Museum) achieved ACCREDITATION in History SA's Community Museums Program (CMP).

The Museum was first REGISTERED in 1982/3 and maintained that status.

The Museum was successful in receiving a number of CMP grants: establishing a storage facility, creating outdoor interpretive signage, surveying preservation needs, professional interpretation of building history, acquiring Mosaic software to record collection items, professional creation of a display and interpretation plan, and design of the slab hut to food bowl exhibit.

Over a period of five years, the volunteers upgraded the Museum's procedures and practices in line with the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries.

In April 2012, the Museum completed the documentation for its Accreditation submission.
In July, History SA staff performed the final site assessment.
At its August meeting, the Board of History SA approved the honour.

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Acceditation recognises a level of excellence. The Museum became one of only ten accredited museums in South Australia.

On 1 November 2012, Pauline Cockrill presented the official Accreditation certificate to Gill Starks, Vice President, at a morning tea attended by volunteers and local guests.

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(History SA has since reverted to its former name: History Trust of South Australia.)

Accreditaton status is reviewed five yearly. Following reviews by the History Trust, the Museum was awarded re-accreditation in 2018 and again in 2024.

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